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The brand Purple Rain Cosmetics is inseparably linked to the name of Prof. Dr Jaroslava-Švarc Gajić, a creative scientist who searches her inspiration in the possibilities of combining nature and expert knowledge. Jaroslava works as a full professor at the Faculty of Technology, University of Novi Sad, Department for Applied and Engineering Chemistry. Her scientific interest is directed towards electroanalysis, instrumental analysis, bioactivity of natural compounds and toxicology. As an expert in her field, she disseminated her knowledge at many international universities and research institutes.

Yara`s main driving force in the creation of this beauty line was the impulse to implement her knowledge and experience gained from years of scientific research into something creative. Science only makes sense when it is applied, or when it becomes a creative tool for achieving specific objectives. Yara's biggest challenge is to design and produce products that provide indisputable results in a short period of time without any compromises related to their benefits and safety. Thus, the Purple Rain Cosmetics products are designed to make life brighter, more beautiful and, most importantly to meet personal needs of the clients.

All products of the Purple Rain cosmetics line are made by hand using natural non-commercial extracts obtained from organic plant material. Taking into consideration that all products are hand-made, they offer unique luxury of customized formulations for each individual fulfilling specific personal requirements, needs and desires. A Purple Rain cosmetics recognizes that skin of each individual is different and that people have different tolerance to different agents, thus stressing the importance of adjusting products composition to personal needs. One should also take into consideration De gustibus non est disputandum, i.e. that we all have different expectations on what we are in direct contact.

Purple Rain Cosmetics provides the possibility of customized formulation development according to client’s needs and development of complex formulations for specific skin conditions!

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